Pacquiao trains @ the Top Rank Boxing Gym

Pacquiao trains @ the Top Rank Boxing Gym

Pound-for-Pound King, Manny “Pacman” Pacquiao trains at the Top Rank Boxing Gym in Las Vegas in preparation for his Nov 12 mega rematch against mexican warrior Juan Manuel “Dinamita” Márquez at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas. Song by: Rai Tracks

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  1. neometalx9 says:

    yeah, what a bad night for pacquiao, but honestly he did enough to just win in a close fight.. dont call it robbery cuz it cheapens the word, anyway i wouldnt have mind a draw or marquez winning this one.. pacquiao needed to fight better than this… and for that marquez won the fight in the heart of the fans, pacquiao lost his invincibility status!

  2. JRMYXD says:

    lol he didnt land shit, in fact he got countered all night, pacquiao sucked on this onem, got controlled al night, cant think what would happend to this kid if he fights floyd, floyd would make him look like an amateur

  3. r2ivhh says:

    See the Manny Pacquiao Post Fight Press Conference After Marquez and tell me if this is the face of a winner. He look so ashamed. OMG, this is not right, I don´t respect pacquiao anymore. watch?v=SR-teQLTqXE&feature=mf¬u_in_order&list=UL

  4. MexiMex13 says:

    Fuck top rank giving paquiao the fight

  5. Ivanlord27 says:

    Pathetic Top rank and their side show clowns ruining boxing! Marquez the true winner in all of the bouts.

  6. asainboyish says:

    song name please

  7. bratskurzin1 says:

    in my life too! :D

  8. chau3 says:

    the gentle warrior

  9. fedrico123nunez says:

    Marquez is in big trouble this time. I think he’s in over he’s head. Last time they fought he had all the advantages boxing wise, weight (pacman had trouble making 130lbs at that time), age (Dinamita is still in his prime then). This time around i think he will be dominated he’s just two old to compete with pacman at this point. Atleast he got to cash in based on his previous fights with the pacman and retire a rich man.

  10. mateusznw says:


  11. TheLeam123 says:

    Hmmm looks like he’s dancing along with the music ^.^

  12. RalfyBebe says:

    I saw alot of Jeet kune Do right straight lead and right hook and left power straight punch and JKD footwork and stance. JKD hand speed,power. hand techniques.Bobbing& weaving of the head. He even has the dragon wings too.I put my bet on Bruce Lee. Oops!!! I mean Manny. Go!!!!! Bisdak Go!!!!! Bisdak Go!!!!!!!

  13. JPizzle579 says:


  14. MXDE2007 says:

    Marquez wins!!

  15. bratskurzin1 says:

    song name plz.

  16. 1phalosa says:

    He is the real living legend

  17. ChuukeseStink says:

    Manny Pacquiao-”I must break you, to make people happy”

  18. venyslop says:

    song name plz 

  19. exlusivekid says:

    true legend made.

  20. 0303gani0303 says:

    If I’m Marquez, I’ll be scared to fight Manny after seeing this clip. He’s so fast and accurate in every power punch and has very good footwork. The only chance of beating Manny is non-stop do-or-die attack, a chance of lucky punch by Marquez. I hope it shouldn’t happen. God Bless Manny Pacquiao


    killer calves

  22. bdgenito1 says:

    I cant help but to be inspired by this man,….he is not human….he will kill floyd should they fight….

  23. magalpong says:

    kneegrzs are not going to like this LOL

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