IE7 & 8 Users – Get rid of the secure page popup in BigContacts

BigContacts encrypts all data over the Internet using a secure SSL connection (HTTPS).  Our SSL Certificate is provided by the industry’s leader in data encryption – VeriSign.  Our entire application operates over the secure (HTTPS) connection – ensuring that your data is properly encrypted and secure when traveling over the Internet.

We do, however use third-party Support Software that does not currently utilize the same HTTPS connection.  So, when you click on the “Support” tab within BigContacts, we are actually displaying an outside support program in an i-frame window. We use this as a convenient way to deliver our email and live chat support to all of our subscribers.

If you use either IE7 or IE8 browsers (Internet Explorer) they may display the following pop-up to you when moving between tabs as this one tab “Support” does not currently operate on an HTTPS connection.  (we are working to bring this software in-house and eliminate this issue all together.)

IE7 Pop-up Message
IE7 Secure & Not Secure page pop-up





IE8 Pop-up Message
IE8 Secure & Not Secure page pop-up





So how can you get rid of this annoying pop-up message that appears every time you move to another tab within BigContacts? Here’s how it’s done:

If you use the IE7 Browser

  • Go to the Advanced Settings Section of your IE7 browser
  • In here you will select the “Security” icon from the list of options.  This is the icon that looks like a lock
  • Scroll down the list and look for the option labeled “Warn if changing between secure and not-secure mode”
  • Un-check this option and then apply your changes

If you use the IE8 Browser

  • Go to Tools -> Internet Options -> Security
  • Select the “Security” tab -> Click the “Custom Level” button
  • In the “Miscellaneous” section change “Display mixed content” to Enable
  • Save you changes and the pop-up is disabled

** Please note this setting is now changed for all sites that you visit and this warning will not be generated for any site that you visit.  It is important to remember that this is a means of protection that IE has in place for you and turning it off will mean that you need to be more aware and careful of sites you are visiting.
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